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Exuodia: Grow Your Portfolio Without Manual Trading

Exuodia is a cryptocurrency trading bot. You have the ability to manual trade all in one platform, or take advantage of our automatic trading signals. Exuodia comes with multiple features like stop-loss trailing and to make sure you maximize your profitability from any trade. Exuodia enables users to grow their portfolio by using intelligent automated trading bots.

Stablecoins: 2020 Outlook

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency you will know that last year stablecoins had a tremendous surge in popularity and they finished the year in a very strong position, especially against the backdrop of non-stable cryptocurrencies. It goes without saying then that 2020 should be a very positive year for stablecoins but it won’t be

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A Slow but Steady Start to the Crypto Year

The crypto 2020 outlook is a very mixed bag, but on the whole you can expect a rather slow start to 2020 with some key milestones along the way to watch out for. If you have been watching the markets, you may well have been watching with the look of despair as currencies that you

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A Decade of Crypto – Where Are We Now?

Believe it or not but the 9th of January marks the tenth birthday of cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. In this article, we look at how cryptocurrency has changed over the last ten years and what cryptocurrency means to us in 2020. A Decade of Crypto – The Good Well to start off the article, there are

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Bitcoin is Struggling to Find Real World Application

It seems the weight of the world rests firmly on Bitcoin – or at least the weight of the cryptocurrency world and now it is facing perhaps its biggest ever crisis. A decade ago, Bitcoin was launched amid a huge furore and fanfare about how it would take the world by storm and how it

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microsoft crypto blockchain

Microsoft the Next Tech Giant Moving into Crypto

Over the last year there have been a few big tech companies embracing the world of both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some of these big tech companies have been making very high profile moves in the crypto world such as Facebook with its highly publicised Libra currency. While other companies like IBM have made more low-key

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Is Ethereum Dying? What it Means for Altcoins

A few short years ago, Ethereum was riding a wave of positivity that kept it relevant, prominent and alive. But today is a different story altogether and in cryptocurrency currently it is estimated that tokens are dying as much as they’re being created. Even more alarming, Ethereum hasn’t been able to remove its head from

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jp morgan crypto

JP Morgan Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency (JPM Coin)

JP Morgan Getting Involved with Cryptocurrency? In terms of milestones within the cryptocurrency community, a major US bank moving into the crypto arena is a pretty big one. And that is exactly what JP Morgan has done with the JPM coin. Except, it is a little bit of a different proposition to your traditional cryptocurrency.

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cryptocurrency prediciton 2020

What is the 2020 Forecast for Crypto?

The festive season is almost underway. It is almost too soon to start looking beyond that and summoning some cryptocurrency foresight. But as any good trader will always tell you to be prepared, we investigate the new year to see three things that the cryptocurrency market has in store for 2020. Facebook is Pushing Ahead

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xrp facts

5 Facts About Ripple (XRP)

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ripple We have all seen the Ellen show where Ashton Kutcher donated from Ripple to Ellen’s charity and we have all heard about how Ripple is going to outperform Bitcoin. There is a lot of hype around this extremely accessible and cheap cryptocurrency, so we decided to pin down

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brexit crypto

The Effect Brexit Will Have On Cryptocurrency Market

How Will Brexit Effect the Crypto Market? There is a lot of speculation around Brexit and with the leave date of October 31st fast approaching people and businesses are wondering what impact it will have on them. The UK will effectively be a single entity forging new allegiances and new trade deals, but many nations

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Smart Contracts, Real Estate

Smart Contracts and Real Estate Integration

The crypto world has been a bit of a gloomy place as of late, what with Brexit likely to change the crypto marketplace and various issues around safety and regulation. That is why I have decided to write about a brighter side to the crypto world in the form of blockchain technology; specifically, smart contracts.

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facebook libra coin

More Bad News for Libra – But is There a Silver Lining

Another week, another Libra crypto article. Last week I reported on the five investors pulling the plug on Facebook’s Libra amid growing regulatory concerns. Now the currency is very much on its death bed and the chances of it being released are slim to none – which is pretty much as I predicted last week.

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facebook libra

Facebook Libra Crypto is in Major Trouble!

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency is on the Rocks, and it Hasn’t Launched! When Facebook announced earlier this year that they were bringing out a cryptocurrency the crypto market had a mixed reaction. The Libra cryptocurrency met with a bit of fanfare from those who could see the potential of a cryptocurrency being pushed on a mainstream

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Bitcoin Survival – Will It Be Used In The Future?

Will Scalability Kill Bitcoin as an Actual Currency? Bitcoin has always claimed that it wants to be the world’s first mainstream cryptocurrency and in recent years has made great efforts to try and reach new audiences and new markets. Bitcoin ATMs are now in existence, retailers and shops all over the world now accept Bitcoin

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StableCoins Are Fraud

Is There Substance Behind the Stablecoin Hype?

Is There Substance Behind the Stablecoin Hype? Right now, there is a lot of noise in the cryptocurrency community about stablecoins and how they are the future of cryptocurrency. Stablecoins or asset-backed currency is nothing new, so what is behind all this stablecoin hype that has emerged suddenly and is there any substance to it?

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Is Cryptocurrency Mining Still Profitable?

Crypto Mining is Back and in a Big Way For a couple of years now, cryptocurrency mining has been a bit of a dirty word. Not because it is particularly seedy, but because it has been reserved for the wealthy elite that have the money and hardware to continue mining. With Bitcoin mining being the

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facebook libra regulations

Libra Could Cause a Wave of Ultra Regulation for Cryptos

For those who are new to crypto or operating in the crypto marketplace and are blissfully unaware – Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency (supposedly) next year called Libra. I say supposedly as there still hasn’t been any kind of official release date and the actual currency itself is still in its infancy, especially around details

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How Bitcoin is Different to Facebook’s Libra

Facebook Libra Coin vs Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

How Bitcoin is Different to Facebook’s Libra The launch of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency is on the horizon and with each passing day that horizon draws nearer. As launch approaches, many people including crypto insiders are still scratching their heads about the new crypto and how it functions. If you think it is styled like Bitcoin,

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Asset backed cryptocurrencies

Asset Backed Tokens and Cryptocurrency

Asset Backed Cryptos A huge issue with cryptocurrency is that it is very volatile. One moment a currency can be worth thousands and the next it could be virtually worthless. This has led to developers scratching their heads and trying to come up with a way that makes cryptocurrency more reliably priced and more stable.

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Best Free Cryptocurrency Software Wallets

The Best Free Software Wallets There are many barriers to entry when it comes to purchasing your first cryptocurrency and the largest one is probably finding a wallet to store it in. Like hard currency, digital currency like cryptocurrency needs a wallet for it to be stored in and kept safe. The good news is

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is the blockchain being hacked

Hacking The Blockchain

Is Blockchain Being Hacked? One of the biggest benefits to blockchain technology is that it was considered impossible to break. Each block is added to the ledger and once added it is set in stone – a complete and immutable chain that records data accurately. That is, until it gets hacked. If it gets hacked,

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Litecoin vs Bitcoin Cash

We put the two largest Bitcoin forks head to head to see which one comes out better and which presents the best opportunity for investment. Both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are fully established Bitcoin offshoots and both have their own merits. Confused about which one to invest in? Our comparison gives you the full rundown.

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Einsteinium (EMC2): CryptoCurrency

Have You Heard of Einsteinium? Cryptocurrency comes in many shapes, sizes and forms which meant that a few years ago while ghost-writing a crypto book I decided to go on a bit of a hunt for crypto projects that do things a little differently. During my research I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency called Einsteinium which

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Death of Zcash, Dash, Zencash, and all Anonymous Coins

Are Anonymous Coins Dying? A few years ago, anonymous coins were all the rage with crypto developers chomping at the bit to create the next anonymous coin. This spawned a whole selection of anonymous coins like Zcash, Monero, Zcoin, ZenCash… etc. There also cryptocurrencies with the option to trade anonymously like Dash. These were all,

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The Battle for Second Spot – Ethereum VS Ripple

https://youtu.be/8Mrn0Gf1u6Q It is no secret that there is a bitter battle being fought between Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum for the second-place spot in the crypto market capitalisation arena. Ethereum has long enjoyed its lofty second place position which has been born out of being an alternative to Bitcoin. Now though, it is under fire from

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PlusToken: The Billion Dollar Bitcoin Scam

The Billion Dollar Bitcoin Scam: PlusToken

The cryptocurrency market is still reeling from the terrible scam that has left even those that didn’t fall for it counting the cost. Bitcoin has had a strange 2019, starting out the year with a fairly low value and generally recovering from the fallout of the 2017 Christmas crash. Then, unexpectedly, it started to rise

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What Are Crypto Vouchers?

Depending on how involved you are within the crypto community, you may or may not have stumbled across the term crypto vouchers. Don’t worry! We have all your questions answered here, including the all-important one – what are Crypto vouchers? Crypto Vouchers are a Crypto Buying Solution Unless you’re a crypto enthusiast, buying crypto is

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Facebook’s Libra Crypto to Take the Market by Storm

If you have been following the latest developments in the crypto market you may already know about Facebook’s Libra crypto. This Facebook crypto is causing a real stir among traders, enthusiasts and regulators already and it hasn’t even been launched yet! This article tells you all you need to know about the Facebook coin. Libra

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